Student Project

Summer Edition

"I Ain't Afraid of No Drone" - - - This video used a DJI Osmo hand held device with a  Zenmuse X5 camera from a DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone. The actual drone would have stirred up too much drywall dust. 

Local News

Solar Panel Glimpse

Golf Course Redo

Promotional Video

Informational Video to Stakeholders

Park Progress 

Aerial Videos

Park Grand Opening

Facility Grand Re-Opening

Park Features & Trail Peek

New Shelter Reveal

Winter Edition

Aerial videos open up the potential to affordably capture your subject and tell a story you've wanted to share but could never afford. A whole new means of communicating to your audience just opened up. Hiring a professional video service to schedule a helicopter, boom trucks and multiple camera operators is gone along with the huge cost.  Now you can dream about video creations and marketing for your business or organization with one call and with the marketing dollars that are in your budget. 

Pictures speak a thousand words. But aerial videos speak 1.8 million words per minute! Wow, there's a difference. Communicate to your customers, residents, board of directors, stakeholders, stockholders and more. Preview off site locations, real time construction, property under consideration, new additions, new facilities and more.  They say seeing is believing. Put your audience in the action with a video that captures what you want them to see. Let the video start the dialogue and tell them your story.